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Join us on a voyage through Kenya's breathtaking
landscapes, where every adventure is an opportunity to create lifelong impressions.

Safari Adventures

Our safari adventures promise an immersive wildlife experience, expertly guided to witness the majestic creatures that roam freely in their natural habitat

Beach Getaways

Modest Safari offers idyllic beach destinations along the Kenyan coast, providing the perfect blend of sun, sea, and sand for a rejuvenating escape.

Hotel Reservations

From boutique accommodations to renowned resorts, we curate a selection of accommodations tailored to your preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Flight Bookings

We have partnered with all local and international flights to ensure that you have a pleasant and most affordable services.

Corporate Travel

Our team ensures seamless planning and execution, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the logistics, accommodations, and transportation.

Cultural Experiences

From traditional ceremonies to local interactions, we curate authentic encounters that provide insight into the vibrant heritage of Kenya, creating unforgettable memories.

Corporate Travel Services

Here Are Our

We believe, business travel is also leisure with a dash of seriousness. We have years of experience in Corporate Travel Management. Our team is well versed corporate client handling, efficiency and affordability.

We have partnered with all hotels in the region to be able organize a successful Conference experience that will meeting your needs and demands. We not only include all the “Conference Hall stuff”, we also include some fun activities with in the Facility or around it to break autonomy and maximize productivity.

We have 3 types of Conference Packages:
• Half day package
• Full Day Package
• Overnight packages (1 or more nights.)

We have conferences on the beach front, conferences in the City and also in the Bush.

How to Book:
a. Send us an Email: at or call us on +254112273647 or on +254740090087 and make your travel request.
b. Our customer service will respond with options for your consideration.
c. Once you choose your preferred option, we will proceed to book your travel.
• If you are on credit facility, we will book and bill you cumulatively at the end of the month
• If you are on prepayment, we will book after you have paid full amount or as agreed.
d. We will share a confirmation of your booking and wait for your travel
e. After your travel is over, we will send a link to share with us your review on the travel experience which we use to improve or services.

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We understand that, especially when travelling is in your core business activities, it can be quite difficult to keep track or even find the right travel services, at Modest Tours and Travels, we have partnered with the best travels service provider to ensure that you can travel without any hiccups.

Our Travels Services Include:
24 hours customer service:
We are available to assist you before, during or even after travel. Our customer service personnel understand your travel need and any problems that can occur during travel and they are always available to act accordingly.

On time Flights Bookings:
including early check-ins, early reminders and any amendments

Hotel bookings:
Including Access to the hotels’ lounges and boardrooms. We have hotels on all budgets that ensures that we can relate to any client’s budget.

Road Transport:
For individual or group, we have vehicles to be able to handle your luxurious road trip experience

Credit Facility:
We offer companies facilities on their travel which is billed monthly. We request some documents from your company. Once submitted, we can be able to offer you a monthly Credit limit which is billable at the end of the month.

Monthly Travel Statement:
We also are able to provide a report of all of your monthly travel expenditure.

If vast panoramas, jaw-dropping views and awe-inspiring landscapes are your thing, then our safari helicopter tours are ideal.

Enjoy dropping into valleys and soaring over mountains with wind in your face… expect the ULTIMATE EXHILARATION. Having your own wings gives you total freedom to explore Kenya’s wildest, most spectacular and extreme locations. Places inaccessible by land and untouched by humans are suddenly at your fingertips. The Safari Collection experiences include a safari helicopter option. This affords you the opportunity to visit some of Kenya’s most remote geographical wonders. Looking down on Kenya’s vast wilderness from above offers an entirely new perspective. The spontaneity and freedom of a helicopter is unbeatable: enjoy instant access to remote locations, otherwise unavailable under time constraints, as well as incredible maneuverability. Hover over wildlife including Kenya giraffe and rhino or touch down beside a turquoise pool for a refreshing swim. This is why the Safari Collection has its very own helicopter and pilot so that we can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity during your luxury Kenya safari holidays to see the wildest corners of Kenya.

We have partnered with different thematic venues in the region to be able organize a successful Team Building experience that will resonate with your theme, and target.

Our well versed Team Building facilitators will learn about your theme for the event and ensure by the time it ends, you have achieved the goals. We also include a few fun-filled activities to ensure that you also enjoy the day as you blend with your colleagues outside of the office.

We have 3 types of Conference Packages:
• Half day package
• Full Day Package
• Overnight packages (1 or more nights)

We have Team Building on the beach front, in the City and also in the Bush.